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Senac University Center’s Portal for Scientific Dissemination aims to publicize technical-scientific and cultural knowledge produced in scientific and academic projects at the institute.

Scientific publications
Senac University Center organizes scientific journals, conference proceedings and technical scientific reports to disseminate knowledge in its areas of operation.

Contextos da Alimentação (Food Contexts) – Journal of Behavior, Culture and Society
Aims to promote the production and distribution of original academic papers in the food studies field, from a humanistic and interdisciplinary perspective. The goal is to generate discussion, seeking an understanding of the act of eating as a behavioral, cultural, religious, philosophical, physiological and economic attitude, identifying and analyzing its various consequences in the context of the society in which this act occurs.

Iara – Fashion, Culture and Art Magazine
Aims to encourage the production and publication of excellent academic articles, considering both the density of the intellectual debate and the creation of unique and innovative approaches in the field. As a multidisciplinary publication, the magazine also aims to reflect the great theoretical and methodological diversity in the field of fashion, culture and art research, covering humanities and arts perspectives.

InterfacEHS – Environment, Health and Sustainability Journal
Serves as a vehicle for discussion, reflection, critique, analysis and dissemination of the state of the art in integrated management and innovation. Along this editorial line, it publishes original, unprecedented scientific articles, translations, reviews, reports on case studies, experiments and ongoing research, and proposed interventions, either individually or collectively, within the public or private sphere.

Iniciação (Initiation) Scientific, Technological and Artistic Initiation Journal
Its main goals are: to publish original articles that present relevant results of research and development conducted by technical program or higher education students; to facilitate discussion between authors and readers for the development of knowledge in the research areas; and to contribute to the academic, scientific and professional development of scientific initiation students.

Academic practices
Assuming scientific knowledge as a cornerstone for innovation and creative processes, the institute’s educational policy encourages projects that spark or renew investigative interest and scientific curiosity in students and teachers.

These projects are developed by students and teachers through capstone assignments, integration projects, final papers in subjects, technical visits and institutional extension projects.

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Applied Research
Research projects developed at Senac University Center prioritize the pursuit of solutions to problems and innovations that contribute to economic, socio-environmental, cultural development and collective welfare.

Projects are developed by faculty researchers and students of the Scientific, Technological and Artistic Initiation Program and the Junior Scientific Initiation Program, linked to institutional research groups.

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Digital platforms that provide access to important scientific papers and articles for the development of research projects.

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Senac – National Service for Commercial Education
Regional Administration for São Paulo State

Regional Board Chairman
Abram Szajman

Regional Executive Officer
Luiz Francisco de A. Salgado

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Chief Operating Officer
Lucila Mara Sbrana Sciotti

Chief University and Development Officer
Luiz Carlos Dourado[/su_box]

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Sidney Zaganin Latorre

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Luciana Mara Ribeiro Marino

Technical Staff
Anielly Martins Rosa

Fabiano da Silva Santos[/su_box]

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